Saturday, September 16, 2017

Ecology - Dev Video #2

Ecology - Dev Video #2

Here I've added a basic day-night cycle, and some more different types of animals.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ecology Prototype - Stags eating, drinking, resting, fleeing

Here's a new project I'm working on, developing some code skills, and ideas around an ecology simulation.

I think that some of the central elements of the type of games I like are simulation and immersion (hence why I like immersive sims!)...  :D

I've been thinking about a game with an ecology that runs on its own, such as a wilderness in nature, or a medieval town with people buzzing around and getting on with their lives.

I made a start on the weekend, and made a little island with stags milling around, eating, drinking, and fleeing if they detect the player.

I like the idea of building layers of complexity, where the entities in the world make sense and behave logically, and with enough different elements at play, they begin to show interesting emergent behaviours.



Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wilderness of Play: A place to discuss exploratory, experimental innovative games

Welcome to the Wilderness of Play...

I wanted to create a place where players and developers could get together and discuss innovative exploratory games...  games that are off the beaten track.  

Games like Proteus, RainWorld, Shadow of the Colossus, A Dark Room...  little games, big games, atmospheric mood pieces, unusual interactive fiction, etc!

I want to hear about more games!  I want to hear about games and whole genres that don't exist yet, but that people can imagine, or yearn for...

I've made a few prototypes and game jams in this area myself, such as Werewolf in the Wild, and Secrets of the Waves, quick ideas that I want to come back to and expand on.

I like procedural generation, and games that defy definition.  Games with interesting AI and procedural animation, worlds that keep growing when you turn your back on them!

I invite you to come and join the discussion, make some new friends, find some fellow enthusiasts and explorers!

See you in the wilderness.  :D

Your ol' pal Murray
from MUZBOZ Games

Monday, June 19, 2017

Steam VR - HTC Vive - Prototype Development - Thiefy Adventurer #012

Some progress on my VR project featuring an adventurous thief, visiting ancient lost places of the world, in search for loot, info, and of course adventure!

I want to build more atmosphere, and add some more physics based puzzles, as well as ignitable torches and candles.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Crafts: Leather Bag

A bit off topic, but I wanted to post a little craft project...  

I made a leather bag which fits my daily toys and tools, including my HP Spectre X2 laptop (which doesn't fit in my smaller leather bag), and an iPad Mini, A5 clipboard, wallet, keys, etc.  

I'm very happy with how it came out!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Working on a very b-grade trailer for B-Grade Renegade

I've been working on a trailer for B-Grade Renegade...

Having tons of fun making dodgy effects and over the top scenarios!

Here we see a guest-test-hero, Samulon of Earthulon, zooming across the wastelands in a stolen green auto.

A dread eyeball spots Foxy's hot-rod and gives chase, but Foxy is too fast for this freak of nature!